For the experiential exhibition held in November 2020 at the Tokyo National Museum, “TNM x Art Tunes! Becoming Japanese Art-Round Two!” aircord was in charge of the creative direction, technical production, and development of one of the works.

The Writing Box with the Eight-Plank Bridge by Korin Ogata, Japanese designer and painter active around the 1700s and who later influenced Art Nouveau painters, was recreated at 17x scale. The exhibition is structured around following the eight bridges that surround the writing box, and using technologies such as projection mapping and LiDAR to create an expanded representation of the moving ripples and waterside, the exhibition creates an experience that makes visitors feel as if they are stepping into the art.

Tokyo National Museum
Interactive ,Projection ,


  • Technical Producer / Creative Director
    Toshiyuki Hashimoto (aircord)
  • Director
    Yasutaka Sasaki (aircord)
  • Director
    Daisuke Kondo
  • Technical Director
    Osamu Iwasaki (aircord)
  • Software Developer
    Sana Yamaguchi (aircord)
  • Spatial Designer
    Keitaro Irisuna (aircord)
  • Lighting Director
    Ryosuke Kokubo (aircord)
  • Video Producer
    Hiroo Kojima
  • Motion designer
  • Motion designer
    Tetsuji Ono
  • Production Support
    Motoyo Ochiai (aircord)