In December 2018, aircord was involved in the operation and projection of video onto the glass blocks of the Maison Hermès walls during "HERMES JINGLE GAMES!" held in the HERMES playground within Ginza Sony Park during the Christmas season. Maison Hermès, the headquarters building of the Hermès Japon Co., Ltd., in Ginza, has a distinctive construction with glass blocks covering the entire building. During the "HERMES JINGLE GAMES!" 8-bit-like pixel art was displayed using the glass blocks in the Maison Hermès walls as pixels, creating an impact on the entire Ginza area.

In addition to the game experience, other contents such as a short animation were projected, with the event drawing much attention from people traveling around the town during the holiday season.

Hermès Japon co., ltd.
Projection ,


  • Technical Producer
    Toshiyuki Hashimoto (aircord)
  • Technical Director
    Seiya Nakano (aircord)
  • Projection Technical Support
    Toshiyuki Sumida
  • System Developer
    Hisaki Ito (aircord)
  • Projection Technical Support
    Osamu Iwasaki (aircord)