In April 2019, aircord was involved in the technical direction and projection of an exhibited work called "uncovered skies" as part of the exhibition "The Beauty of Japan as Enjoyed by the Left and Right Brain, nendo × Suntory Museum of Art information or inspiration?" held at the Suntory Museum of Art.

At first glance, it seems that the floor in the exhibition space is illuminated only with white light projected from the ceiling, but when a special umbrella provided for the exhibition is opened in the space, a previously invisible patch of sky appears on the floor.

The setup of this exhibited work relies on an optical phenomenon that occurs, through light from a projector in which the polarizing filter has been removed, combined with a polarizing filter stretched on an umbrella. A new experience is created, exactly opposite to everyday life in which the sky, normally hidden by opening an umbrella, comes into view.

Projection ,


  • Technical Producer
    Toshiyuki Hashimoto (aircord)
  • Technical DIrector
    Seiya Nakano (aircord)
  • Projection Technical Support
    Toshiyuki Sumida
  • Production Support
    Osamu Iwasaki (aircord)
  • Production Support
    Ryosuke Kokubo (aircord)
  • Technical Supervisor
    Yang Ishigaki (Yaguchi Electric Corp.)