aircord was responsible for the overall planning, producing, direction, and as well as technical direction, development and production for all aspects of the the complete renewal of the JAL SKY MUSEUM, a facility which brought in 140,000 visitors in 2018, as part of JAL’s activities to contribute to society.

The old museum had issues in terms of updating content, customer access, scalability of facilities, multi-language support, and universal design. With these issues in mind, the museum was renovated—bringing its facilities from analog to digital, from standardized tours to free exploration, from single-purpose to multi-purpose use, from Japanese to multilingual, and a more universal design.
The new museum utilizes its new concept—connections—to become a hands-on facility where visitors can learn about jobs in aviation, the history and future of JAL, as well as learn about aircrafts and science. The JAL brand identity was expanded with technology and creativity, aiming to stimulate the curiosity of visitors and provide new experiences involving the skies.

The JAL SKY MUSEUM is composed of the following zones.

・Sky Runway
The runway-like space contains an aircraft cockpit, a large-scale screen, life-size displays of staff members representing each role.

・Archive Zone
All of JAL’s historical documents from the 1950s through the 2010s are digitally archived, with touch panels to allow visitors to view the documents from each decade. There are also model planes, real uniforms, and historical documents on display.

・Future Zone
An area where visitors can experience JAL's future projects through an interactive exhibition utilizing multi-projection and surround sound.

・Imperial Household Flights / Special Flights Area
An introduction to the many special flights that JAL has operated to date, including the imperial household flights used by the emperor of Japan and rescue charters used in times of emergency.

Interactive ,Projection ,Device ,Visual System ,Planning ,


  • Creative Director / Producer
    Toshiyuki Hashimoto (aircord / The Shift)
  • Chief Planner / Project Manager
    Yasutaka Sasaki (aircord)
  • Technical Producer
    Osamu Iwasaki (aircord)
  • Technical Director / Software Engineer
    Hisaki Ito (aircord)
  • Technical Director / Engineer
    Toshiyuki Sumida (aircord / graico)
  • Software Engineer
    Takeshi Doi (UNLIT Inc.)
  • Technical Director / Designer
    Seiya Nakano (aircord)
  • Technical Support
    Keitaro Irisuna (aircord)
  • Project Manager
    Motoyo Ochiai (aircord)
  • Production Support
    Sana Yamaguchi (aircord)
  • Production Support
    Maho Ishizaka (aircord)
  • Designer
    Jiyu Park (The Shift)
  • Art Director / Designer / Project Manager
  • Editor / Writer
    Ito Research Institute Inc.
  • Director / Art Director (Archives Zone / OnScreen Media / Official Website)
  • Producer / Project Manager (Archives Zone)
  • Producer / Production Manager (Video Contents)
  • Motion Director / Designer (Video Contents)
    LIKI inc.
  • Productioin and Construction (Space / Exhibition Fixtures)
  • Audio Visual Hardware
    G-Smatt Japan
  • Cockpit Installation
    INTERCRAFT Corporation
  • Director (Video Contents)
    Takafumi Tsuchiya (connection)
  • Planner / Director (Archives Zone)
    Takayuki Rokutan (MUJURYOKU)
  • Art Director / Chief Designer (Exhibition and Space Design)
    Takeshi Tanio (mumedesign)
  • Direction Support (Exhibition and Space Design)
    Takashi Nakahara (DENBAK-FANO DESIGN)
  • Lighting Designer (Exhibition and Space Design)
  • Designer (Exhibition and Space Design)
    Daisuke Hayakawa (DENBAK-FANO DESIGN)
  • Designer (Exhibition and Space Design)
    Kouhei Nagata (DENBAK-FANO DESIGN)
  • Designer (Exhibition and Space Design)
    Jin Hatanaka (eleven)
  • Producer (Official Website)
    Jun Kawashima (TENT)
  • Writer
    Akiko Yamamoto (Freelance)
  • Cinematographer (Video Contents)
    Makoto Tajima (office TATEOKA)
  • Lighting Engineer (Video Contents)
    Kayoko Maekawa (mugico)
  • Offline Editor (Video Contents)
    Atsuya Otsuka (Freelance)
  • Post Production (Video Contents)
    Ko Yamamoto (PPC)
  • Motion Designer (Video Contents)
    Shunsuke Takase (Freelance)
  • Animation Director (Video Contents)
    mizuhiro (Freelance)
  • Sound Designer (Video Contents)
    Yoshiteru Himuro (Freelance)
  • Sound Designer (Video Contents)
    Keiichi Yasuda (PACO)